Beowulf & Beyond

Dan Veach



Satan’s Rebellion

from the Anglo-Saxon Genesis

“Why should I slave?” said he.

“I have no need for a master.

With my own hand I can work so many wonders.

I have the power to raise a greater throne,

higher still in Heaven…. I can be God

as well as He!”

Then the Almighty was filled with wrath,

highest Heaven’s Guardian, and threw him

down from his lofty throne….

Three long days and nights

those angels fell from highest Heaven

into Hell, and God turned them all

into devils….

Satan seeks vengeance on God and Man

“He has not done right

to fling us into the fire’s depths

in this place called Hell,

depriving us of Heaven’s kingdom—

which now He plans to settle with mankind!

“That burns me most of all,

that Adam—made of dirt!

should sit upon my mighty throne,

filled with joy, while we must suffer

punishment and torture here in Hell.

“Oh, if my hands were freed,
and I could fly from here just once,

for one short winter hour.

Then I and this mighty army….

But no, I lie here in hard irons,

huge bars hot-forged and hammered….

“Think about this, every one of you—

think of how we can betray them!

I would rest more softly in my chains

if they should lose their kingdom.”

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