Second Symphony

Dan Veach



Fanfare & Jig

The opening fanfare was written for the 10th Anniversary of Atlanta Review.

A playful jig (even the tuba gets to dance) alternates with more exotic melodies
in the oboe and bassoon, building up to a big surprise at the end.


Psalm 23

As a poet, I’m fascinated by music that follows the rhythms of words.

Hebrew and Gregorian chants are so relaxing because they follow a text rather than

the fixed meters of most Western music. This setting of the 23rd Psalm is a tribute

to these ancient chants. If you know the King James version, you can sing along!

 Dance of the Shamans

For the third movement of his symphonies, Beethoven replaced the minuet with a “scherzo.”
Meaning “joke,” the scherzo’s dance could be playful or (like this one) just a wee bit weird.


After a longing melody sung by the cellos, the brass lead a triumphal procession.

A “blast from the past” completes the full circle of the symphony.

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