Flowers of Flame

The Poetry of IRAQ



Night Prayers

Adnan Al-Sayegh

from Slightly Quarrelsome Texts

You see your God only

In blades and blood.

I see Him

In a word,

In a song,

In the deep blue of her eyes,

And in the sea….

You, whose life passes by so fast

Spend all your time

Disputing of God and Satan,

And can’t spare a single moment

To understand

The heart of your fellow man….

My God

Is One.

He is neither a Catholic,

Nor a Protestant,

Neither a Sunni

Nor a Shia’a.

Those who divide Him up,

Who interpret Him,

Who fabricate His sayings,

Who classify Him

According to their faiths,

Their demands,

Their constitutions

And their armies—

They are the ones who deny

The truth of God.

Flowers of Flame
Copyright 2008 by Michigan State University